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The Women's Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship

What We Do

The Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE) is a student-led group at Northeastern University dedicated to helping women and underrepresented genders develop an innovative mindset through interactive workshops, a thought-incubator, mentorship pairings and a venture catalyst.

The journey to an innovative mindset and a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem starts here.

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Room packed with women sitting at tables and listening to a presentation.

Our Programming

Women sitting at a long table and having a discussion during an event.


An open series of interactive workshops and discussions led by professionals and students from various industries and skillsets. Each class aims to provide students with a safe space to network, diversify their interests, and expand their boundaries, both personal and professional. Showcases how an innovative mindset can benefit anyone regardless of their academic background.

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Our community-based thought-incubator made up of ~10 students who are selected through an application process. The curriculum encourages students from diverse backgrounds to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by learning how to problem solve and build out a venture or business idea.

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Five women standing around a small table and having a discussion.


Our two-tiered mentorship pipeline for students, alumnae, and professionals, intended to build relationships instrumental to personal development and professional success.

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A venture catalyst and accelerator for women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in underrepresented genders who have built a product or service in their respective spaces, developed a go-to-market strategy, and need help launching to the world.

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a venture capital  for women and underrepresented genders who are looking to expand their understanding of investing careers in venture capital and what it takes to source companies, conduct due diligence, and make a good investment.

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An entrepreneurship conference open to all disciplines and backgrounds across Boston. Strives to highlight unconventional paths to entrepreneurship and make entrepreneurship more accessible through keynote speeches, founder lightning talks, and breakout workshops.

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