Community-based thought-incubator &
weekly innovation and design thinking classes.

Your passion and purpose is something you build.

What is WeBuild?

WeBuild is a community-based thought-incubator and set of weekly innovation and design thinking classes dedicated towards encouraging women from diverse backgrounds to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by learning how to problem solve and build out a venture or business idea.

Throughout the semester-long program, women are encouraged to apply their learnings to a passion project of their choice — whether it be a nonprofit, blog, podcast, research project, or more!

Group of eleven women smiling and posing with their arms in the air for a picture.
Zoom screenshot of a WeBuild Showcase presentation.

How does it work?

About 8 to 10 women are accepted to WeBuild per semester. With such a close-knit community, the women are able to truly learn, problem solve, and grow alongside one another while pursuing a passion project of their choice.

Classes are held every Monday from 6-8 PM EST and include a soft skill reflection, a hard skill workshop, individual work time, and an appreciation circle. The classes are taught by female founders and innovators from various industries as well as WISE's WeBuild team.

At the end of each semester, the WeBuild program culminates in a showcase presentation of the cohort’s final projects that friends and family may attend.

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My favorite thing about WeBuild is [how] this community that I just met truly cared about me, believed in me, and genuinely wanted to see me succeed, and I can honestly say that at that point I didn't even really believe in me.

Rachel Domb, Founder of Rooted Living

Spring 2020 WeBuild Cohort

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