Asked Questions

Answers to the questions you ask us the most!


How do I join WISE?

Come to our WeLearn workshops, community events or apply for WeSupport, WeBuild or WeLaunch! We're always sharing more about our programming, e-board opportunities, and more ways to get involved on via our Newsletter. Or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay connected!

Do I have to be a business major to join?

Absolutely not! All majors, backgrounds, and genders are welcome at WISE. The "I" in WISE stands for "Interdisciplinary." Entrepreneurship and innovation are for everyone to explore!

Will WISE be having in-person or virtual events?

We're transitioning back to in-person events and we have resource guides if you'd like to go over what was covered in each session!


Who can attend WeLearn events?

WeLearn is WISE's only open program, meaning anyone and everyone can attend regardless of gender identification, major, interests, involvement, or skill level. WeLearn prides inclusivity throughout its series of interactive workshops that aim to inspire members of all disciplines.

Do I need to bring or prepare anything for the workshops?

Workshops do not require any preparation!


How do you make the matches?

Matches are made according to each member’s top preferences for their mentor/mentee, which are based on their personal "about me" slides and a speed dating event as well as according to who WeSupport team believes would fit well together.

Are we given any guidance to help us through the sessions?

Yes! We provide session guides that provide structure and a foundation for the conversations that you have with your mentee/mentor. So you'll have a starting point for every conversation. Each session guide also follows a specific track so that you can target your goals and conversations. We also have WeSupport specific newsletters and workshops that are filled with resources from our leadership team!

What is the time commitment?

WeSupport pairs are expected to attend 2 office hours with our WeSupport team, 3 bi-weekly community events, and 3 sessions with their mentor/mentee over the course of the semester.


Do I need my own business idea to apply?

While you don't need a full, thought-out business idea, we ask our applicants to simply have the passion to start a business and an idea of the industry they wish to go into! Whether it's beauty, sustainability, technology, or other industries, we are here to support your entrepreneurial journey with mentorship, resources, and an amazing community.

What is a passion project?

A passion project refers to anything with the potential of becoming a venture. Some examples of passion projects that we've incubated are YouTube channels, clothing lines, sustainability consulting services, an exciting good, etc.

What is the time commitment?

Our Monday workshops last 1.5 hours, and we ask our WeBuilders to complete 1-2 hour homework assignments in their free time each week.


Do I have to have completed WeBuild to apply for WeLaunch?

No you do not!

Do I need to have an operating business to apply?

You do not need to have an operating business to apply however a strong WeLaunch candidate has a venture that is past the basic ideation stage. They have a concrete understanding of the problem. They’re solving and need help launching and receiving funding to continue building out their venture.

What should be included in the pitch deck?

Founder story, problem you are solving, value proposition, target market, GTM strategy, product pricing and margins, competitors

What is the time commitment?

Our Tuesday workshops last 1.5 hours, and we ask our WeLaunchers to complete 1-2 hour homework assignments in their free time each week.