Bi-weekly Workshops and TableTalks to diversify your professional and personal skill sets.

Interdisciplinary Inclusive Interactive Inspiring

What is WeLearn?

WeLearn is a series of interactive workshops and discussions that show us how an innovative mindset can benefit anyone, regardless of their profession or academic focus. Professionals and students from all industries and skillsets, join the WISE community to teach interactive workshops on the ins and outs of their field. The goal of these workshops is to provide an open environment for Northeastern students to network, diversify their skillsets, and expand their boundaries.

Women having a discussion with an event speaker at a table.


WeLearn workshops are activity-based events, led by industry experts. Typically, our industry expert walks us through their professional journey and teaches a 'lesson' based on their biggest learnings on their journey. Then, we break out into groups to practice the skill with discussions and hands-on activities. In the Fall 2021 semester, we hosted workshops that ranged from personal branding to data visualization with python.

Table Talks

WeLearn TableTalks are interactive-discussion based events, typically more informal in style. WeLearn Table Talks is our way of bringing that invaluable knowledge into the WISE community and giving extraordinary leaders an opportunity to teach their skill or passion to an interactive audience.

Past WeLearn Events

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